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Add up Hours in Excel

Convert Conventional Hours into a Decimal Number

Convert Hours and Minutes into Minutes

Average Hours ignoring Zero's and Error Values


 Add up hours in excel

Question: I am adding up hours in Excel.  My total is incorrect. What should I do?

Short Answer: Change the Format of your total cell to: [h]: mm

Long Answer: see


Convert Conventional Hours into a decimal number.

Question: How do I convert conventional hours into a decimal number?

Short Answer:

To convert hours using a calculator:
Divide the minutes by 60.
To convert hours using Excel:
Change the cell format to "Number" with 2 decimal places and multiply it by 24

Long answer, see:


How do I convert Hours and Minutes into minutes only

Type your hours and minutes in an hh:mm format
Click on Format Cells
On the Number Tab, under "custom", type [m]

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How do I calculate average ignoring Zero’s and Error Values?

If you would like to get an accurate average, excluding zero's & error values, and your data is in cells A1:A10, type


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