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Instructions for the Hour Calculator:

  1. Enter the hours and minutes on the first column. See your totals on the second column.
  2. OPTIONAL: Enter a Name and Date for your records. It will be included in the "Print" and "Email" versions.
  3. OPTIONAL: Enter an hourly rate and press "CALCULATE" to see the total wages due.
  4. Print or Email your work hours for your permanent records.

Hours and Minutes Calculator
Enjoy our easy-to-use Online Hour Calculator

Convert hours and minutes to decimal hours with our simple minutes to decimal calculator.
Or, you can also add up your billable hours using a conventional calculator:

A. You will need to convert your minutes into to a decimal number, by dividing the minutes into 60.

B. Then add the decimal number you received to the hour portion.

C. Repeat the 2 steps above for all your hours and minutes.

D. Add all your decimal numbers and multiply by your hourly wages.


Time is generally shown in hours, minutes, and seconds. Time is also used in verbal conversations, advertisements, appointments, flight schedules, and many daily uses.
It is easier and more common to use hours and minutes, for example, my appointment is at 11: 20 or I will arrive in 45 minutes.
While it may be very convenient and popular to use time in daily conversations, it can get confusing if we use the time format to add hours, specifically for payroll.

For example, If you want to add 1:20 + 30 minutes  = 1:50, that’s simple.
But, the problem with adding time will get harder once we pass the number 59.
For example if you would need to add the time 1:59 + 1:45.
The quickest and easiest way to add time is to convert the minutes to decimal format.
To convert hours to decimal using a calculator, simply divide the number of minutes by 60.

59/60  = .98
45/60  = .75
1.98 + 1.75 = 3.73

For your convenience, you can also use our minute to decimal converter above.

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