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There are countless articles out there about how much time we spend sleeping, eating, working, etc. But how much of our lives do we really waste working? So you’re the office from 9-5. But you are really wasting so much more than 8 hours being busy with work. What about the commute? Getting ready for work? Winding down from work at the end of the day? (Scroll down for examples)

You might think you work a 40 hour work week, but in reality so much more of your time is being wasted! What a sad depressing thought. That’s why we created a calculator to help you add up all the hours wasted with work related activities. For all those pro-leisure work haters out there, this page is for you!

30 min - thinking about waking up + waking up
30 min - thinking about going to work + getting dressed + looking 4 keys
45 min - travelling time
20 min – winding down after the work day
20 min – griping about work to your significant other
30 min – thinking about all you have to finish at work the next day


Because an hour includes 60 minutes (and not one hundred minutes) adding time takes a bit of time.

Hours and minutes are two different units that measure time.  However, minutes are not a decimal number of hours,
i.e. half an hour (0.5 of an hour) is not 50 minutes, it’s 30 minutes… making time calculation a brain teaser.

Adding time with a conventional calculator requires you to first convert your minutes into a decimal number, by dividing the minutes into 60.
Our calculator for time adds your hours and minutes in no time. Print or email your Time Calculation to double check for accuracy.

Time Calculator - Disclaimer
Our time calculator is designed to provide you general estimates.  It should not be relied upon to calculate financial data. does not give any warranty or assurance as to the quality or accuracy of our Time Calculator.