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Uses for the “Time Between Dates” Calculator

Our time between dates calculator is your one-stop solution for figuring out time differences. You can use this web-based application without downloading any software.

Calculating a Date in X Number of Days (Weeks, Months, Years, etc.)

Do you want to get a clear count of the number of days before Thanksgiving, or Mother’s Day, or any other day? This difference between two times calculator can help.


  • How many days before your birthday?
  • What’s the time difference between April 20, 2018, and December 25, 2020?
  • How old were you in 2010?
  • How many months did the event last?
  • Exactly how much time between March 10, 2010, and March 10, 2020?

Calculating Age

How old are you? How old is your favorite Hollywood celebrity?? Use our time duration calculator to find out the correct age.

  • 1. Enter the birthdate (MO/DD/YYYY) in the “FROM” fields.
  • 2. Choose an end date (MO/DD/YYYY) in the “TO” fields.
  • 3. Calculate!
  • 4. See your results in many different formats!

Calculating a Birthday

How many days, weeks, or months before your birthday or someone else’s birthday? It’s so easy! Just follow the same instructions as above and wait for the results. This birthday calculator requires no download and can be used on any browser. You don’t also have to enter your email address or any personal information to get started using our duration calculator.

Calculating the Age of Someone at Death

How old was your Grandma when he passed away? Use our date duration calculator to know the results. Follow the same steps as above and discover the answer in seconds!

Calculating the Number of Days, Weeks, or Months Before an Event

It’s always tricky when you are planning an important event in your life. Whether it’s a wedding or a vacation use our calculator to get quick and accurate results of how many days, weeks, or months until the big day!

How to Use the Time Between Dates Calculator?

  • 1. START DATE - Use the ARROW to select (Month, Day, Year).
  • 2. END DATE - Use the ARROW in each field (Month, Day, Year), and select one of the options (Month, Day, Year).
  • 3. Press CALCULATE.
  • 4. The results will be seen in many different formats.
    • Ex: January 1, 2020 to April 7, 2021
    • Years (1.3 Years)
    • Months (15 Months)
    • Weeks (60 Weeks)
    • Days (462 Days)
    • Years, Months, Days (I Year, 3 Months, and 6 Days)
    • Years and Months (1 Year and 3 Months)
    • Months and Days (3 Months and 6 Days)
    • Weeks and Days (60 Weeks and 6 Days)


This calculator is designed and created as a general reference. We do not give any assurances or warranty as to the operation, functionality and quality of our calculators. It is up to the user to consult other sources to verify these dates before using them to travel, plan meetings or any other purpose.

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