Excel Timesheet Templates
TIMESHEET TEMPLATES How do I create an Excel Timesheet Template to calculate hours worked?
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Lunch Breaks
Lunch Breaks How do I calculate unpaid Lunch Breaks in an Excel Timesheet?
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Overtime Pay
Overtime Pay How can I create a Timesheet that calculates Overtime Hours?
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don't play with fire, play with excel...

Excel gets the least amount of training in relation to just how often it's used. That's because Excel appears to be simple on the outside.  However, Excel is sophisticated in the inside. Don't get intimidated by Excel.  Learning is the key for success. 

At CalculateHours.com, you will find simple and easy solutions to calculate time:

> ONLINE CALCULATORS: Enjoy a full selection of free online Time Card Calculators to calculate hours worked.

> EXCEL TIMESHEET TEMPLATES: free Microsoft Excel sample timesheets to calculate hours worked. No need to register or provide your e-mail address. All Excel Timesheets with their formulas are fully customizable to accommodate your needs.

> EXCEL HOW-TO GUIDES: Simple step-by-step instructions. Create your own time sheet using easy Excel Timesheet Formulas.

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