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How old am I? Use our DOB calculator. It's free and easy to use and does not require a download. Use it anytime, anywhere and figure out how old you are on a specific date.

How To Use Our Age Calculator

  • 1. To use the age calculator, enter your birthday in Month, Day, and Year format.
  • 2. When done, press "Calculate."
  • 3. See the full results of your age in –
    • Years, Months, and Days
    • Years and Months
    • Months and Days
    • Weeks and Days
  • Want to print the results? Just press "Print." You also have the option get the results on your inbox pressing "Email." Do you want to make another age calculation for someone else? Press "Clear," and repeat steps 1, 2, and 3.

    Our calculator makes calculating age on a particular date fast, easy, and accurate. No need for manual calculation to answer the question, “How old am I?”

    Birthday Calculator: Fun Facts and Trivia

    • Did you know that birthday invitations can be dated as far back as the 1st century A.D.? Sometime during 100 A.D., the wife of Roman commander Aelius Brocchus, Claudia Severa, sent out the first ever birthday invitation.
    • In the US alone, two billion birthday cards are sent annually.
    • More people are born on October 5 than any other day in the US, while May 22nd is the least common date of birth.
    • Of all the birth months, August is the most popular with 9% of birthdays happening in this month.
    • To celebrate the centennial birthday of Fort Payne, Alabama, the world’s largest cake, which weighed 128,238 lbs. and 8 oz., was baked in 1989.
    • Anne Frank received her famous diary during her 13th birthday.
    • Brunei’s Sultan spent $27.2 million to celebrate his 50th birthday. He hosted the most expensive birthday party for an individual ever.
    • Your golden birthday is when your date of birth and age are the same. To answer the question, “how old are you” and help compute when your golden birthday will be, use our date of birth calculator.
    • Did you know that 31,536,000 seconds have passed since your last birthday?

    How Old Am I In Years, Months, and Days on This Date?

    Our birthday calculator lets you get specific results of your age in years, months, weeks and days, or a combination of results to how old are you.

    It’s easy to answer the question, “How old are you?”…. Use our calculator for a no-sweat way to compute your age on a particular date.

    Our Date of Birth Calculator Benefits

    • Fast and easy: It quickly answers the question, “How old am I?” Just type in your birthday in Month, Day, and Year format (Birthday field). Enter a specific date in the same format (Age on this date). Then, press “Calculate.”
    • Online-based, no download required: How old are you? There is no need to download an app and consume memory space on your device. Use our age calculator anytime and get fast results by visiting this web page.
    • No registration: You do not need to sign up to start using our calculator. Just fill in the required details and calculate instantly.
    • Free: No monthly subscription fee.

    Age Calculator Disclaimer

    To the best of our knowledge, our date of birth calculator gives accurate results. However, it’s your discretion whether to rely on the results or consult other online calculators to verify them prior to use.

    CalculateHours.com doesn’t claim or guarantee the accuracy of our DOB calculator. We designed it for your general reference only. We shall not be held liable for any mistakes resulting from its use. We also do not give any warranty or assurance as to its functionality, quality, and operation.


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