Ultimate Shopping List


Ultimate Grocey List This weekly grocery list, created in "Word", includes every item you would typically find on the grocery shelves or in the freezers.

For your convenience, this weekly shopping list is organized in categories with blank spaces provided, so that you could add items of your choice. Use the little box before to put in the amount desired.

Helpful shopping tips…

  • Always go with a grocery list.
  • Don’t do shopping on an empty stomach.
  • Shop according to the aisles.
  • Always check the expiration date.
  • Make sure to open egg cartons to check eggs are not cracked.
  • Staples take first.
  • Perishables take lasts.
  • When staple items are on special you could always stock up.
  • If you want to be economical shop bulk items.
  • Compare unit prices. Purchase big cans which give double the amount but not for double the price.
  • Fruits smell for sweetness if they smell sweet you know it’s ripe.
  • Remember to bring along coupons.
  • Double check receipts before you leave the store.


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