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Treadmill Workout Routine – Free Treadmill Log

Treadmill Workout Log

Do you use your treadmill in waves? Do you use it well for a few weeks, than leave it to collect dust for a few months? Do you have “Hot” and “Cold” treadmill routines?

Start a consistent Treadmill Routine with realistic expectations. Ask yourself: "How often am I really going to use this treadmill?" Try to predict the real outcome (not the idealized one), when setting your treadmill workout plans.

Motivate yourself! Keep track of your treadmill workout program with our free Treadmill Log. Download it and hang the treadmill workout chart near your treadmill.

Now, it’s time to put that treadmill to good use.  Turn on the machine and start walking.  Distract yourself with  a DVD or listen to some music. Be safe – always warm up and cool down. When you are done,  Log in the time in your Treadmill Log.

Keep to your treadmill workout schedule – Stay motivated with this simple treadmill workout log.

Track your treadmill workout routines and keep yourself animated by printing our FREE Treadmill Workout Chart. It is fully customizable – to accommodate your unique treadmill usage. Print it and re-use it.


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