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Balance Transfer APR LOG


Balance Transfer Promotional APR log

0% promotional APR’s are Free Loans.

But only for a very limited amount of time.
It’s tempting to take advantage of credit card offers – promotional APR’s of 0% means you pay no interest at all for a limited amount of time.

The trick is to keep a detailed log of your Promotional APR’s.
The expiration date of the Promotional APR of our credit card is a piece of information credit card companies conveniently hide.
It does not appear on your credit card statements: not on the paper statements and not on the electronic statements. It does not appear on your account management section online either.

Keep the original offer:

We strongly suggest you should keep a copy of the original offer: either the pamphlet you got by mail, or a print out of the web offer.
The confirmation email of your application will most likely not mention the expiration of the 0% promotional APR either. Print out the actual offer that appears before you submit the application.

Download the Free Excel Balance Transfer APR Log

Keep track of your Credit Card’s Balance transfer APR

0% Promotional APR:
With a log: Huge Savings
Without a log: A financial nightmare

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If you do not have the original offer, your only option is to physically call customer service.
In the vast majority of credit cards, you will need to call the customer service number in the back of your card, be on hold for a live representative, who will look it up and provide you with your promotional APR expiration date. Go only ONCE through this hassle. Keep track of all your expiration dates with a clear, easy to use log.
An up-to-date log is a great tool to ensure that your promotional APR’s generate real savings to you. Expired APR’s run as high as 24% or more. Banks try to make it very inconvenient for you to see when your Promotional APR will expire. And as of today, there is no legislation requiring banks to make this information easily accessible.

Stay ahead of the game. Keep track of your savings with our Free, easy, excel log –
Download our FREE Balance Transfer APR log

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