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Convert conventional Hours into a decimal NumberConvert hours into a Decimal Number. Use a calculator or Excel. Here is how:



Question: How do I convert conventional hours into a decimal number?

Short Answer:

To convert hours using a calculator:
Divide the minutes by 60.
To convert hours using Excel:
Change the cell format to "Number" with 2 decimal places and multiply it by 24

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Long answer


If you need to pay a worker in a hurry, and would like to use a calculator, here is what you can do to convert the time to a decimal number:

Step 1:        Divide the minute portion of the time worked into 60        
Step 2:        Add the decimal number obtained to the hour portion.


Example: My worker worked for 4hr 23 min at a rate of $13.50. How much do I pay him?

Step 1:       Divide:         23 / 60 = 0.38
Step 2:       Add:             4 + 0.38 = 4.38

To pay your worker, multiply 4.38 by $13.50


If you like to use excel:

Step 1            In cell A1,                 Enter the time as hh:mm
Step 2            In Cell B1, type         =(A1)*24
Step 3            Change the format of Cell B to "Number" with 2 decimal places.


Step 1        In cell A1        Type 4:23 
Step 2        In cell B1       Type =(A1)*24
Step 3        Change the format of cell B to "Number" with 2 decimal places.  You will now see 4.38

To pay your worker,  enter in cell C1 =(b1*13.50)

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