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Excel cannot handle negative times.  If you start working at 11:00 pm and finish at 7:00 am, Excel doesn't understand it's a new day.

Here are 3 methods on how to explain Excel that you finished working at 7:00 am of the following day.

Method A:

Enter the full date and time you logged in and logged out.

In cell A1, enter:            6/1/2008  11:00:00 PM
In cell B1 enter:            6/2/2008  7:00:00 AM

In cell C1, enter:        =SUM(B1-A1)*24
                            Format as number

 Method B:

In cell C1, enter:


Format the cell to "Number".

You are telling excel:

If A1 (11:00 pm) is bigger than B1 (7:00 am), than add one day to B1 (7:00 am), and only after that subtract it from 11:00 pm.
However, if that's not the case, than simply do B1 - A1
When you are done, multiply my total by 24.

Method C:


You are telling excel to:

            "Subtract B1 from A1",  plus:

             "B1 (7:00 am) is smaller than A1 (11:00 pm)".  Is it true? 
                                If it's true or One, add 1 (one day)
                                If it's False or Zero, add zero.

            Multiple my total by 24.

Think Different, think Night shifts.

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