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free excel timesheet templates with formulas

All you need to do is enter the information in RED, and Excel will do the tracking of the billable hours. NOTE: These daily timesheet templates require you to enter the hours in an HH:MM format.


8:54 am (8--colon--54--space--am)
10:15 pm (10--colon--15--space--pm)


download Basic sample timesheets Excel Weekly Timesheet - with Daily Totals
Excel Weekly - Military Time
Excel Bi-weekly Timesheet
Excel Monthly Timehseet
Excel Monthly Timesheet with Sick and Vacation Hours
Excel Night-shift Timesheet

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Weekly Lunch Template for 1 Employee
Weekly Lunch EASY - with Minutes of Lunch
Weekly Lunch with Military Time entered in Decimals
Weekly Lunch Template for4 Employees
Weekly Lunch Template with only 30 min paid
Weekly Lunch Template with 2.5 hours paid
Bi-weekly Lunch Template
Bi-weekly Lunch with Sick and Vacation
Monthly Lunch Template
Nightshift template with unpaid break

download overtime timesheets
Weekly Time sheet with Overtime Calculation based on 8 hours daily
Weekly Timesheets with Overtime Calculation based on 40 hours weekly.
Weekly Timesheets for 4 employees
Weekly for 1 employee with 4 hourly wages
Bi-weekly (based on 40 hours - but can be customized to your hours)
Monthly Condensed (based on 40 hours-can be customized to your hrs.)
Weekly Overtime with paid SICK and VACATION hours

download timesheets with sick and vacation hours
Weekly Lunch + Overtime with paid SICK and paid VACATION hours
Bi-weekly Lunch with Sick and Vacation Hours
Monthly Basic Timesheet with Sick and Vacation Hours + Summary Box

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Add hours and minutes
Add Hours and minutes and seconds
Add Minutes and Seconds
Average Hours and Minutes excludign Zero's
Convert Conventional Hours into Decimal Hours.
Convert Hours and minutes into minutes
Military time converter

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